Sonos Arc

Sonos Arc
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Compromise, eh? In an ideal world we’d all be driving our dream cars, having swan for dinner every night and turning the living room into the most well-equipped cinema This side of the Leicester Square Odeon. But there are things like budgets, vegetables and children to consider, so we make do with what we can. When it comes to home cinema, that usually means a soundbar rather than embedding speakers in the ceiling – or, if you really want to minimise Those compromises, a Sonos Arc.

This is the first Sonos product to support Dolby Atmos, so it’ll use the ceiling and walls to bounce the sound off instead, with 11 Class-D digital amplifiers providing the oomph to the 11 custom drivers that do so.

Sonos enlisted the help of Oscar-winning sound engineers and Grammy-winning producers to ensure the Arc reproduces their exquisitely crafted noises as accurately as possible, whether you’re watching a brainless blockbuster, stroking your chin to a four-hour arthouse movie or listening to the latest Sting and Shaggy record. No need for compromise there, then. Except perhaps concerning your taste in music.

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Sonos Arc
Sonos Arc

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