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How to choose the right television for you.

Television sets are an important investment in any home. Even though modern Smart TV sets are far cheaper than what TV sets used to cost in the past, any TV owner will want at least ten years out of his or her set. 

No one wants to buy a new TV set every few years, so it’s crucial to make a reliable and long-lasting purchase. But, which one to pick? Our ultimate Smart TV Buying Guide will let you help in choosing the right TV set for your home.

Smart TVs, OLEDs, LEDs, HDR, 4K Ultra HD – TV catalogues are becoming more and more impressive and equally confusing with every passing day. Which TV set has the best features, and do you even need so many features in your Smart TV Set?

The goal of this review is to deconstruct the Smart TV market and give you enough information so that you make the best possible purchase decision.

Here’s the detailed Smart TV Buying Guide that will let you know how to choose the best Smart TV 

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Inevitably for its price, the 55TU7100 doesn’t get Samsung’s QLED technology. But while this means it lacks the colour richness and brightness that are QLED’s trademarks, it doesn’t stop the set ...

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One advantage of buying a budget TV from a brand that’s been involved with TVs as long as Panasonic has is that you can get ‘drip down’ technology. Tech, in other words, that was once only found on ...

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The amount of quality and features this Hisense Roku TV (or R50B7120 to give it its more boring name) gives you for under £400 beggars belief. For starters, its 4K pictures are remarkably good for ...

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Bargain TVs

Affordable boxes that won’t break the bank On one hand, buying a budget TV – maybe for a second room – is easier than buying a mid-range or high end one. After all, you’ll surely be going into it understanding that any budget TV you end up with will come with some performance and/or feature ...

£379.00 Buy It Now

Is bigger better when it comes to smart TVs? Well, if you are investing in an expensive HD TV set, it is always best to save some and get a bigger sized TV. From 32-inch to 100-inch, you will have a lot of options when buying TV sets.

A 100-inch 4K TV gives a viewing experience that is as good as going to a movie theatre. However, you mustn’t get carried away and choose the right screen size based on the size of your room and the distance you will have between the TV set and your seating arrangement.

Best TVs for 2020

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