MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020)

Worth the upgrade? As we’ve seen with other recent  MacBook releases, Apple hasn’t changed much at all about the basic design of the 13-inch MacBook Pro – when the laptop’s closed, at least. It comes in the same Silver or Space Gray color, and dimensions are roughly the same, at 304.1 ...

Which iPhone is For You?

Which iPhone is For You? If you haven’t yet chosen a 12-series iPhone, or simply want to see how your own stands up against the others in the family, take a look at our breakdown of each different model. As you will see, some things are the same across the iPhone family; they all boast powerful new ...

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

New EOS M flagship is ideal for photographers and vloggers alike Much like the EOS M line as a whole, the original Canon EOS M6 was easy to like, but difficult to love. With Canon’s APS-C mirrorless camera range having seemingly lateaued at 24.2MP, there were only so many bells and whistles ...

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Sonos Arc

ARCSAND RE-CREATION Compromise, eh? In an ideal world we’d all be driving our dream cars, having swan for dinner every night and turning the living room into the most well-equipped cinema This side of the Leicester Square Odeon. But there are things like budgets, vegetables and children to ...

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Inevitably for its price, the 55TU7100 doesn’t get Samsung’s QLED technology. But while this means it lacks the colour richness and brightness that are QLED’s trademarks, it doesn’t stop the set from delivering better contrast, colour and sharpness than the vast majority of the sub-£1,000 TV ...

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