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XBOX SERIES X : Microsoft’s high-end games machine makes a grate first impression Packing an enormous amount of processing power, yet looking as dull as a NAS drive, the Xbox Series X is the biggest (so far) of Microsoft’s entries into the new generation of games consoles. Its little brother, the Series S, is thinner, less powerful, and better looking. The console itself is a black cuboid... Product Info PlayStation 5 : Speed and power in a boldly designed package. The way the gaming industry is going, this may be the last traditional console generation we ever see, and if it is then the PS5 will be a fitting swansong. Console generation wins aren’t decided on paper – they’re decided with real-world performance and, even more importantly, the gaming ecosystem itself. Product Info

How to choose a video game console.

At a certain point, you’ve watched everything you want to watch on Netflix, and it’s time for something else to do. As millions and millions of Brits are spending more time at work, video game-based Internet traffic has surged.

If you’re looking to get back into video games after a long hiatus — or you’re just ready to upgrade your old console — you’d be joining many others.

But not all video game consoles offer the same experience or access. For one, they don’t all run the same video games. And, of course, different video game consoles carry different price tags.

Games Console Reviews

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