Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2; The most futuristic phone of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2; The most futuristic phone of 2020.

Jaded about smartphones? Think you’ve seen it all? The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the cure; the one piece of tech that has truly wowed us in 2020. It’s the only foldable phone with 5G that we recommend buying – if, and only if, money is no object. Every time the screen folds in half, it impresses.

And is it actually worth buying? Let’s take those two questions one at a time.

The Fold 2 is the screen bending sequel to the Galaxy Fold 1, with nearly all of the improvements we asked for 11 months ago. Its 6.2-inch Cover Display fixes our chief complaint regarding the first Fold’s bezelheavy 4.6-inch front. It’s now just big enough to type on, even if it still feels cramped on account of its narrow-yet-tall shape.

Unfolded, it’s like owning a 7.6-inch mini Android tablet

The Fold 2 is the screen bending sequel to the Galaxy Fold 1

That’s something we’d typically need a backpack to cart around, and would often end up leaving at home. Our 7.9-inch iPad mini 4 has been on home lockdown before it was cool. Yet Samsung’s design makes its device fully pocketable at a moment’s notice. As long as we’re not wearing our jeans with the slimmest pockets (which we’ve been told more than once that we shouldn’t be wearing anymore anyway), this chunky phone-tablet hybrid can go almost anywhere. The inside display impresses beyond size. Its adaptive 120Hz refresh rate kicks in when you’re playing games or watching movies, offering more fluidity compared to the 60Hz screen on last year’s Fold; smoothness matters on a big screen like this.

It impressed us enough to nearly distract us from the fact that, yes, there’s still a faint crease down the middle of the display and, no, despite the inclusion of Samsung Ultra’s Thin Glass, this doesn’t feel like a glass screen. Its top layer is a plastic screen protector that feels mushy to touch compared to the solid glass front Cover Display.

Everything else about the Fold 2 feels stronger, especially the retooled hinge that can prop open the phone at multiple positions. Samsung’s variable screen mechanism is coupled with what it calls Flex Mode, which automatically reshuffles the UIs of certain apps. Its best trick is decluttering the camera app’s live preview at the top screen, while the controls appear at the bottom-right, and the last photo taken shows up at the bottom left. While Flex Mode is limited to a few apps right now, it feels very clean compared to a one-screened smartphone in which all of these elements would appear overlaid.

Samsung Galaxy Z fold2

Unfold the next chapter of mobile

Every once in a while, a device will come along that is unlike anything else. Whose innovation is a revolution. In this case, the revolution has a name – Galaxy Z Fold2 5G. It’s our most innovative and powerful phone, ever. Improving on its predecessor in every way, this unique device combines extensive craftsmanship and pioneering technology to help you seize the moment.

Immersive Main Screen

Next Level Multitasking

Hands Free Camera

No comparisons necessary. Or possible.

Imagine a tablet that you can slip into your pocket. That’s the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G.

Even when folded, Galaxy Z Fold2 5G looks and feels just right. An expansive Infinity-O Display wraps from edge-to-edge, over 50% larger than its predecessor.

Then, unfold an expansive 7.6″ tablet-like display crafted with our bespoke Ultra Thin Glass. With a discreet camera punch-hole, experience cinematic viewing without compromise.

Flex. In every sense of the word.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 5G’s revolutionary free-stop Hideaway Hinge is designed to smooth each fold and unfold. Made from over 60 different components, its built for durability and resilience.

Lock the phone into different angles for uses like simultaneously capturing and reviewing pictures or watching videos, hands free. And with App Continuity, enable seamless transitions from Galaxy Z Fold2 5G’s cover screen to the vast unfolded display.

Productivity redefined

Take multitasking to the next level. Open three app windows at once, with the ability to drag and drop content with ease between different apps. All enhanced with superfast 5G1 streaming on an ultra-smooth 120Hz display.

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is our first foldable device with Samsung DeX, enabling apps to be extended across a second screen for a desktop-like experience.

1Requires 5G network connection.

Photography, re-imagined

Take the perfect selfies with Galaxy Z Fold2 5G’s Triple Rear Camera, checking your best side on the cover screen. And while taking pictures of your friends, they can check out their shot using Dual Preview.

A palette of sophistication

The future of mobile comes in two matte haze finishes, made to stand out from the crowd – Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black – packaged carefully in a premium box that is style in itself.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the only foldable phone you should consider buying in 2020 if you want to maximize that satisfying ‘wow’ factor when showing it off. It feels like you own a smartphone from the future when you collapse its tablet-sized screen in half, and the larger front display and stronger hinge fix the biggest Gen 1 issues. Be warned: it’s still priced for early adopters and the cameras on the Note 20 Ultra are better.


Galaxy Z Fold2

£101.00 Per Month £99.00 Upfront.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2; The most futuristic phone of 2020.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2; The most futuristic phone of 2020.

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