Specs on Fire

Specs on Fire
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Arriving about four months too late to salvage the lockdown situation, Amazon’s next-gen Fire HD 8 tablets have the entire family in mind.

Students can go for the Fire HD 8 (£90), with 30% faster performance than its predecessor along with more storage, 12hr battery life and USB-C charging. A game mode also stops anyone bugging you when you’re kicking bottom in Asphalt 9. Serious grownups can try the Fire HD 8 Plus (£110), which nets you more RAM, a faster adapter and wireless charging. Got nippers? The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (£140) matches the Fire HD 8 for specs, but comes ensconced in a kid-proof case that even the hardiest tablet-basher will do well to dent.

Specs on Fire
Specs on Fire

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