Vlogging a dead horse?

Vlogging a dead horse?
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Camera names tend to be a bit of a Countdown conundrum, so Sony has done the sensible thing and spelt out exactly what its little Vlog Camera is for. Based on the same core design as the RX100 compact, it’s been optimised for narcissism (with a hint of content), for influencers who regularly need to shoot themselves…in the foot or elsewhere. That means new focus modes including Bokeh Switch for blurring backgrounds at the touch of a button, Face Priority for a well-defined mush, and even a Product Showcase setting for focusing on whatever nonsense they’ve been paid to advertise. Really, though, it’s just a tiny, flippy-screened compact for shooting 4K at 30fps, and that’s fine with us.

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Vlogging a dead horse?
Vlogging a dead horse?

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